Event registration

Event registration

MIT Staff Event Organizers: The process of registering campus events is handled through Atlas (MIT certificates required). The application replaced the former paper-based system.
Student organization events and activities: Please consult SOLE (MIT Student Organizations, Leadership and Engagement) for current policies regarding whether you need to register your event via Engage@MIT.

If you are an event planner or if you schedule space, approve alcohol expenditures, assign police details, or review events for compliance with MIT policies and procedures, you may complete these steps online from the digital events application (choose the blue Register New Event button). 

Whether you are a host or an event planner, you will find within the application a searchable space inventory that includes many campus venues and links to campus offices that provide event support. You should schedule all campus venues directly through the designated department that manages the space. 

Please keep in mind that not all MIT spaces are accessible to all audiences, and that different rooms are outfitted with different audio-visual systems. If you or those attending your event have accessibility questions or accommodation needs, please contact the designated department that manages the space where you are making a reservation. 

MIT Atlas Event Registration System webinar (Touchstone authenticated)

How do you know whether your event must be registered?

We ask that DLCIs continue to register hybrid and on-campus, in-person events* that meet any of the following conditions:

  •     alcohol will be served
  •     you are expecting 100 or more participants
  •     more than 20% of participants are not members of the MIT community
  •     events are cosponsored with a non-MIT partner
  •     minors will participate
  •     money will be exchanged

Event registrations should be submitted a minimum of 10 business days (two weeks) in advance of the event to allow enough time for the approval process.

*As of March 14, 2022, the requirement to register online and off-campus events is lifted.

Using the Atlas interface

For hybrid events, you can then select “Add another location”, and enter a physical location.

A few things to keep in mind when registering your event online

  • How it works—Based on the details you enter about the event, requests for approvals are routed automatically to the appropriate departmental designates.
  • Host confirmation—Event hosts must read the ‘MIT host policies’ and accept the responsibilities outlined to continue the registration process.
  • Room confirmation—Room coordinators must confirm that the space has been reserved for this event.
  • Alcohol approval—The designated approvers for various areas (assistant deans for academic areas, the Dean for Student Life for student-sponsored events, and directors from administrative areas) must approve events when MIT funds are used for alcohol or to cover alcohol-related expenses.
  • Overall approval for event—Either the Information Center, the Student Organizations, Leadership and Engagement (SOLE), the MIT Sloan Student Life Office, or the Office of Residential Life will review all relevant details and approvals and determine whether the event meets guidelines. These offices direct the planners to obtain the appropriate licenses and permits from the City of Cambridge or other organizations, as warranted.
  • Police approval—MIT Police determine whether police details or metal detectors are required, review issues around public safety, assess parking requirements, and recommend further support, as needed.  

Questions? Please contact us. We appreciate hearing about your experiences with the event registration process so we can provide the best information to our community.

Events with more than 100 attendees must be registered.

A community social in the Vest Student Street (Stata Center)

Photos: Dominick Reuter